About Us

Universal Benefit Solutions specializes in ancillary benefit programs. Most intermediaries are required to spend the vast majority of their efforts on health insurance products. In doing so they are neglecting the needs of their customers concerning the ancillary benefit programs. Universal Benefit Solutions has no interest in health insurance. Ancillary benefits are of course an integral part of any benefits program. These programs deserve the full attention and dedicated resources necessary to establish the greatest possible benefits for your employees at the best negotiated price for your company. The correct benefits package not only outlines your company's employee benefits direction, but, just as importantly, increases productivity and morale in the work force.

Our team is trained in both benefit design and financial performance. Universal Benefit Solutions can therefore complete an extensive analysis of your existing benefits program which will validate both plan design and overall performance. Many policies contain various retention charges and unnecessary options that go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Universal Benefit Solutions is not beholden to any one insurance carrier and therefore can negotiate the best programs for our clients through all of the major insurance carriers in the country.

Universal Benefit Solutions establishes working relationships with our clients. We do not work for the insurance carriers. The cornerstone of our business plan is to align our interests directly with the interests of our clients. If we cannot improve your benefits program, then we do not expect to be compensated. We provide impartial, objective service to our clients. We are compensated only after our clients agree that we have provided a superior benefits package.

Our goal is simple yet essential – To provide the best group coverage at significant savings to your company, while maintaining or improving coverage and service levels.