With our extensive knowledge and experience on both sides of the industry we consistently deliver better ancillary benefit programs to our clients. Not only do we consistently deliver cost savings on these programs, we also maintain or improve coverage and service.

Plan Design, Marketing & Communication

  • Benefit Plan Design Recommendations
    • Life, AD&D, Optional Life, Optional AD&D, Dependent Life
    • Business Travel Accident
    • Short Term Disability
    • Salary Continuation Plans
    • Long Term Disability
    • Retiree Plans
    • Vision
    • Dental
  • Analyze Funding Arrangements/Options
    • Reserve Buy-Out
    • Reserve Management
    • Takeover Claims
    • Participating Contracts
    • Retiree Buy-out Options
    • Administrative Services Only Agreements
  • Draft Request for Proposal and Questionnaire
  • Analyze and Summarize Carrier Proposals
  • Set up all Statutory Disability Plans
  • Negotiate Performance Guarantees
  • Vendor Selection/Management
  • Facilitate Carrier Implementation and Benefit Administrator Changes/
    File Feeds via Weekly Conference Calls
  • Plan Document Review and Modification
  • Create and Edit Communication Material
  • Enrollment Assistance

Reporting and Account Management

  • Provide Quarterly or Semi-Annual Reporting by Product
    • Executive Summary on All Plans
    • Premium vs. Claims analysis by Product
    • Trend analysis
  • Quarterly Analysis of Open and Closed Claims
    • Reasons for Closure
    • Determine Probability of Closure
    • Reserving Analysis
    • Determine if Carrier is Applying Offsets Appropriately
    • Determine Return to Work Opportunities
  • Benchmark Plan Design and Experience
    • Compare Claim Incidence and Duration with Similar Industries
    • Compare Plan Design with Similar Industries
  • Claim Trends
    • Review Claims by Age, Gender and Length of Service
    • Analyze Union vs. Non-Union Claims, if applicable


  • Analyze top STD and LTD Diagnostic Categories
  • Determine Lifestyle Related Diagnosis
  • Integrate with any Existing Wellness Programs
  • Integrate with any Existing Disease Management Programs


  • Quarterly Custom Benefits Communications for Employees on Wellness or Benefit Education
  • Carrier and Client Liaison
  • Semi-Annual Carrier/Client Service Meetings
  • Develop Employee Opinion Surveys


  • Compile renewal book with plan changes
  • Draft Request for Proposal and Market Plan (See “Plan Design, Marketing & Communication” section above for details)
  • Compile plan alternatives with renewals
  • Review renewal contracts for accuracy
  • Ongoing compliance assistance with state and federal mandates
  • Educate benefits personnel on new administrative procedures